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Friday, 3 February 2012

How free backlink builder affect my family

-You can create content on numerous topics and publish them on post websites, and consist of the URL of your website in the resource box or the biographical area of the creator. There are a lot of directories publishing content from different authors, along with info that gives biographical facts about the writer. Such information might contain a link to your site. If your write-up is educational and intriguing, soon it will be published on many other internet sites and newsletters. This way you will have a big amount of backlinks pointing to your site.
Basically, a backlink is a hyperlink on a site that links again to your web site. I like to think of ranking in Google as a reputation contest, the internet site with the most votes (backlinks) wins.
To move forward with hyperlink developing is to employ the service of the organizations of a organization specializing in link setting up, there are numerous businesses that provide hyperlink setting up suppliers to customers and offer with all their desires, proper from creation of the backlinks to the submitting of the hyperlinks to the necessary web sites. By posting high top quality hyperlinks on the connected internet sites these businesses guarantee a greater rating on the research engines in your internet site. This is in turn bettering your chances of creating you on-line enterprise prevalent and generates large income. We create backlinks from profiles, sites, and community forums on do-stick to using your key phrases and chosen anchor text. We have a database of 1000′s of do-stick to internet sites at our disposal that we can use to give you a variety of backlinks, we are excellent at indexing web site in Google.
With Internet site Indexer Tool, you can just sit back again and take it easy to let the software package mass submit your web sites to hundreds and 1000′s of these Whois and stats-based web sites. You can get a totally free copy of
Backlink creating Providers are deemed to be possibly the most essential components to assume about in any on-line enterprise. Therefore, if you are operating a business online, it is really important to have a tiny comprehending on this amazing provider. Just in situation, if you are a rookie, this brief post can give you some basic info on website link creating. In addition, this post can assist you to pick the very best services for your enterprise. There are some important elements, that you ought to think about for obtaining the appropriate company. Backlink building will help you to develop backlinks for your web site, which supports you to enhance the targeted traffic flow. By making use of these services, it is achievable to make use of the most recent developments that are taking place within the research engine optimization. If you are deciding on the proper provider for the organization, you can also effortlessly increase the position of your site.
The amount 1 way to do this is through content articles. Create content about the subject of the site. Are you marketing some thing? What is the products, what does it do, and of program how does it support? Are your providing a provider? How can you clear up a dilemma with this provider? If not promoting a thing, then talk about a matter if you have a blog, so your blog can be identified. Your web site is about space aliens. Effectively, create a controversial article about UFO’s. Then, get an account with report directories exactly where a person can submit the content articles. People go through these articles and simply click the link to the site to assemble far more information.

Review of Free SEO Report, a new service by Shoemoney

I do not usually write about it much but I have always been fascinated with making money online.  I have never really figured out a way to make a bunch of money but that has not stopped me!  It would be awesome to stay home, work on a web site for a few hours, and then do genealogy all day.  So far, it has not panned out for me but that in no excuse to give up!
Over the years, I have followed several gurus in the field of SEO (Search Engine Marketing) and PPC/PPA advertising (Pay Per Click/Pay Per Action).  That may sound foreign to you but it all boils down to creating a good product, in this case a web site, that is optimized to bring in viewers who in return may buy your products, sign up for your services or click on the ads that you show.  In the case of Virginia Family Tree, I do show ads to help support the site.  I also will occasionally throw an Amazon link in for products that I write about.  If you thereafter go to Amazon and buy that product, I would get a cut of the money to use on the blog here.
Well, in this case, one of the guru's that I follow is named Jeremy Schoemaker and he goes by the name Shoemoney.  He is a pretty smart guy and has literally gone from working at a bank years ago to now practically printing money.  The reason he is so successful is that he is dedicated, personable and fairly open about what he does.  If you read his blog, over time you will see that he pretty much spells out all of the ways he makes money and his advice is ripe for the picking...by anyone, for free.  His blog is his personal outlet for venting, testing things out and communicating with his peers in the outside world.
Shoemoney's latest venture is called Free SEO Report.  Remember when I stated earlier that SEO stood for Search Engine Optimization?  Well, that is what Shoemoney is helping you do.  You provide him with your e-mail address, website address and the keyword your website is about.  In my case, the word I focus on is genealogy.  When I provided the information, his system generated a report for me that showed how my site stacked up against other top genealogy sites.  It also provided me with a list of items I could fix or change to make my site better optimized.
Why would I care if my site is optimized?  You never want to build your site to cater to search engines.  If you do, it starts to look and read silly because people and search engines see things differently.  If I wanted to rank higher in Google for the word genealogy, I could write sentences on my blog like.  "Genealogy is my favorite hobby.  I love genealogy, genealogist and doing genealogy research.  I consider myself to be a genealogist among genealogists in the field of genealogy."  Who would want to read that?  However, search engines may think that my site is REALLY an authority on genealogy....because I used the word so many times!  With that in mind, it is key to optimize your site for search engines without doing silly thing like keyword stuffing...writing a word over and over again, just to trick a search engine.
Examples of SEO practices would be making sure your site has a good title, that you are using the proper META tags, etc.  You may not know what that means or how to fix it, but the report helps to guide you along that path.  It does not cost anything for your first report.  I signed up this morning and received my report in about five minutes.  It will give me a lot to think about this afternoon and I am sure I will be tweaking my site this evening.  The better optimized my site is, the better it will rank in Google. That means more people will come to my site and maybe I will make a few dollars off my advertising and get to meet some new, interesting people!  Think about it...you probably found my site in a search engine originally.  I want to increase the number of people who are able to find me.
As for cost, Shoemoney's Free SEO Report seems to be free for the first report and you have to pay for future reports.  It looks like a monthly service fee.  I would imagine that it is like a free credit report type service where he will update your SEO report monthly and let you know how your site is improving.  You really only have to accept your free report and then you can cancel.  I did not have to provide my credit card or anything, it truly is no strings attached.  Shoemoney is a good guy and I trust anything he puts out.  He is not out to scam anyone.  He puts out good products that people actually want.  I would feel totally safe in telling you to sign up for his free trial if you have a web site and you want to make it better.
So what is in this for me?  Well, I really respect Shoemoney and what he has done for the Internet marketing community.  He also does a lot to help out the little guy.  He gave away a bunch of iPads at a recent trade show and he has one left over.  To help promote his new site, Free SEO Report, he offered that anyone who write a review would be entered into a drawing for the remaining iPad.  In this case, not only do I get to tell you about a product that I find helpful and a guy who I admire, I also have a shot at picking up a free iPad.  That would be a great asset in my genealogy toolbox.  I would look sweet at the archives, rocking my iPad!

Thanks for taking the time to read this and maybe give Free SEO Report a shot.

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Wordpress Theme Test Criteria

Wordpress Theme Test Criteria

Each and every one of the Wordpress theme listed on ThemeGrade has gone through comprehensive tests. The tests cover general coding issues as well as the SEO.
In this post, we outline the tests being used, the weight of each test as well as the calculation details.
General Test
The general tests of a theme give you an idea of how well the designer coded the theme. When pass, the score will be added to the General Test. The tests with the higher score are more difficult to pass than the tests with the lower score.
no. Description Point
1 W3C Compliant – XHTML 2 Detail
2 W3C Compliant – CSS 2 Detail
3 Browser Compatibility – IE7 1 Detail
4 Browser Compatibility – Firefox 2 Detail
5 Browser Compatibility – Chrome 1 Detail
6 Support from Designer 2 Detail
7 Post area – Proper Image Alignment 1 Detail
8 Post area – Floating Content 1 Detail
9 Post area – Auto Adjustment 1 Detail
10 Post area – Nested/Threaded Comments 1 Detail
11 Sidebar – Link Hierarchy 1 Detail
12 Sidebar – Auto Adjustment 1 Detail
13 Special Effect variable Detail

Total Points 16 + variable
If a theme passes all general tests, the theme will score 100%.
In all cases, a theme will be tested against the first 6 general tests.
For most of the times, a theme will be tested against the first 11 general tests.
Calculation method of the General Test
Step 1
Find out how many items a theme has been tested on.
Step 2
Add the total score of the tested items
Step 3
Add the total score of the passed items
Step 4
Take the score of the tested items and divide it by the score of the passed items. Multiply that number with 100 to get the percentage score of the theme.
SEO Test
WordPress does a very good job in internal linking so that makes it easy for search engines to index the pages. To rank for the pages, generally, two main factors are considered: on-page optimization and off-page optimization.
The off-page optimization is relating to external links and it has nothing to do with the theme itself. To see if a theme is optimized for search engines, we need to review the theme coding (on-page optimization).
The SEO tests of a theme give you an idea of how well a theme had been optimized for search engines.
When pass, the score will be added to the SEO Test. The tests with the higher score are more difficult to pass than the tests with the lower score.
no. Description Point
1 W3C Compliant – XHTML 1 Detail
2 W3C Compliant – CSS 1 Detail
3 Home page Heading SEO 1 Detail
4 Post & Page Heading SEO 1 Detail
5 Post & Page Title Tag (Title as seen in SERPs) 1 Detail
6 Content Code Position 2 Detail

Total Points 9
Calculation method of the SEO Test
Same as the General Test.
Calculation of the total score of a theme
General Test Score x 0.6 + SEO Test Score x 0.4